Unplis App

About the client
Unplis is a start-up based in Barcelona. Their culture is shaped by a multidisciplinary group of young entrepreneurs from all over the world.
The service they offer consists of an e-commerce app that aggregates and consolidates product catalogues from many different local retailers in the city. Once a customer has place an order, a crowd-sourced buyer goes to the store to prepare and deliver the products in under 60 minutes.

My Role
When I met Unplis guys, they had a well-established concept, they knew how to run it, and they had a good technical team, but they lacked someone to lead the UX/UI design.
After a few meetings I got on board for 6 months as the Lead Designer. This period spanned various phases, from the creation of the brand, to designing the app interface, right up to the promotion and launch.
The big challenge was definitely the interface design: we had to achieve an attractive and functional product, accessible to a diverse group: from young people who wanted to order fast food, parents doing the weekly shopping, to clerks who wanted to take the daily menu.
The project was ambitious and we had to take into account the two major operating systems: iOS and Android. Starting from a common style guide I designed and produced prototypes of each app considering the Interface Guidelines, the native elements and the behaviour patterns of the two platforms.
Using with the Agile development methodology provided a great advantage in this project, as did working in the same office side by side with the CTO, Android and iOS developers, and marketing people. Communication was smooth, we could iterate very effectively and solve problems faster, factors that were reflected in product quality.
It was a great experience to join the team and to launch this great product, what do you think? You’re hungry and you’re tired? Download the app and order something from the couch!